The PhD Program in Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

The details of admission modes are provided in the Handbook for PhD students. Interested candidates can refer to the Handbook for complete details of the various PhD programs. Typically, interviews for admission to the PhD program are advertised in March/April and October/November timeframe and the interviews are held in April/May and November/December timeframe. Project based candidates can be admitted any time of the year, based on the suitability of the candidate and availability of funding.

Modes of Entry

  1. Regular Institute Fellowships for candidates who have a MTech/ME degree or have completed their BTech/BE/MSc within the last two years).

  2. Direct PhD Program for candidates who are in the final year of their BTech/BE programs.

  3. Project Fellowships for candidates who are funded by a faculty member's research grant (interested students should contact the relevant faculty - usually openings are advertised here and here, in addition to individual faculty web-pages).

  4. External Registration Program (ERP) for professionals who are employed in an academic/research origanization and wish to carry out the majority of their research in their home organizations. No fellowship is provided in the ERP program.

  5. Part-time PhD program for candidates who wish to follow the PhD program in a part-time mode at IIT Ropar. No fellowship is available for part-time PhD program.

  6. Institute Staff who wish to pursue a PhD program may do so after successfully taking teh admission interviews. No fellowship is provided in this case either.

The PhD Timeline and Degree Requirements

  • Within 2 weeks of joining, the studentsshould have formed their Doctoral Scrutiny Committee (DC). The students should meet with the DC members at least once every semester and provide updates on their progress.

  • Candidates with an MTech degree are required to do a minimum of 12 credits of course work.

  • Following the completion of coursework, the candidates should take a comprehensive examination (which has both written and oral components) within 18 months of admission.

  • The candidates are then required to present a thesis proposal within 24 months of admission.

  • The candidates must present an open seminar (also called the synopsis seminar) at least 6 months prior to the final thesis defense.

  • The final thesis defense is held after the thesis has been submitted and feedback received from the referees. There are at least two external referees, one from within India and another from outside the country.

List of PhD courses taught by the Department -

  1. MM501 (3-0-2-7-4) Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques. This course is usually offered in the first semester of the academic year (Aug-Dec).

  2. MM502 (3-0-0-6-3) Applied Thermodynamics for Metallurgical and Materials Engineers. This course is usually offered in the second semester of the academic year (Jan-May).