Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

List of PhD students (in chronological order of joining the department) - 

Binod Kumar

Gas sensors

Supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad

Bura Rajesh

Ceramic coatings for corrosion and high temperature oxidation resistance 

Supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad

Vishnu Girish

Metal Matrix Composites 

Supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad, Co-supervisor: Harpreet Singh (Mechanical)

Heena Sammi

Carbon based nanomaterials, structured nanocomposites, materials for sensing devices 

Supervisor: Neha Sardana, Co-supervisor: Rajesh Nair (Physics)

Abhinesh Verma

Characterization of nano-precipitates in Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) using 3D Atom Probe Tomography 

Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha

Gaurav Pal Singh

Sensing Device Design and Fabrication 

Supervisor: Neha Sardana

Rishabh Sharma

Energy Storage Materials 

Supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad

Santosh Kumar

Interdiffusion and oxidation studies on Ni-based superalloy bond-coats 

Supervisor: Pratik K. Ray

Ranjith Kumar

Polymer Derived Ceramic Materials

Supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad

Jay Hind

Development of wound dressing for chronic infected wounds

Supervisor: Atharva Poundarik, Co-supervisor: Tarush Gupta (PGIMER)

Abhinav Maurya

Multiphase flow behavior in tundish and corresponding effect on steel cleanliness

Supervisor: Prince Kumar Singh

Maninder Jeet Singh

Effect of Microstructure on Hydrogen storage capacity of Metal Hydrides

Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha, Co-supervisor: Dhiraj Mahajan (Mechanical)

Krishan Kumar

Additive Manufacturing and Product Design Optimization

Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha, Co-supervisor: Harpreet Singh (Mechanical)

Suresh Chand

Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha, Co-supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad

Sagarika Bhattacharjee

Synthesis of self-assembled nanostructures via far-from equilibrium processing

Supervisor: Pratik K. Ray

Ayush Pratap

Supervisor: Neha Sardana

Awanish Kumar Mishra

Enchancing crack resistance of materials

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari


Oxidation of High-Temperature Materials

Supervisor: Pratik K. Ray

Saminder Preet Singh

Additive Manufacturing

Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha

Sheshang Singh Chandel

Side Blowing Reactor for Steel Making - Reactive and Non-Reactive Gas injection

Supervisor: Prince Kumar Singh

Rohit Upadhyaya

Crack growth resistance of dissimilar metal welds

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari

Atul Pandey

Energy Materials

Supervisor: Neha Sardana

Prem Chandra Sinha

Casting parameters and casting defect formation in steels

Supervisors: Ravimohan Prasad and Prince Kumar Singh. ERP Coordinator: Pravin Kumar

Abhishek Upadhyay

Vacuum Brazing Technology

Supervisors: Neha Sardana, Pal Dinesh Kumar (TBRL, DRDO)

Chandra Sekhar Sasmal

Creep behaviour of IN-RAFM steel dissimilar welds 

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari, Co-supervisor: Paritosh Chaudhuri, IPR, DAE

D. Parameswaran


Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha

Awnish Prasad Singh

Design of sub-entry nozzle to optimize steel behavior inside the mould during continuous casting

Supervisor: Prince Kumar Singh

Dishant Beniwal

Data-driven models of complex alloys: from chemistries to microstructures 

Supervisor: Pratik K. Ray

Shubham Prajapati

Development of Advanced High Strength Steels

Supervisor: Khushboo Rakha

Saurabh Dixit

Fracture Mechanics and Creep Deformation

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari

Alok Pratap Singh


Supervisor: Prince Kumar Singh

Rudraksha Bharadwaj

High Temperature Materials, Materials Processing

Supervisor: Pratik K Ray

Daljeet Singh

Corrosion and High Temperature Oxidation

Supervisor: Rajiv Kumar

M Jaganathan

Synthesis and Characterization of Energy Materials

Supervisor: Ravi Mohan Prasad

Mohammad Arshad Jamal

Mechanical characterization of discontinuities in material's microstructure

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari, Himanshu Pathak (IIT Mandi)

Swastik Soni

Fracture Mechanics

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari

Nitesh Kumar

Fracture Mechanics and Composite Materials

Supervisor: Abhishek Tiwari

Sambit Tripathy

Recycling of waste from steel industry

Supervisor: Prince Kumar Singh

Maitreya Panchanand Fulmali

High Temperature Oxidation of bond coat materials

Supervisor: Rajiv Kumar, Pratik K. Ray