Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

List of Research Groups (and Group Leaders) in the Department

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Energy & Environmental Materials (EEM Lab, Prasad)

Our interests lie in the area of Polymer-derived Porous Ceramics, Metal Matrix composite, Corrosion and High Temperature Oxidation Resistance, Membranes for Hydrogen Purification, Chemiresistor Gas sensors, Hydrogen Storage Materials, Photocatalysts for Wastewater Decontamination. 

We focus on the Size-Property (electrical, mechanical and optical) relationship of Nanomaterials for different applications. Bulk to Nano: Plasmon based materials and metamaterials for optical sensing devices in Visible and IR regime. Bulk to Micro: Electromagnetic response studies in GHz Regime for transmission & receiving applications. Device design & optimization for societal needs. 

We focus on interfaces in materials. Our research spans three classes of materials - disordered solids (HEAs and metallic glasses), high temperature materials (alloys and ceramics) and nanomaterials. Our work involves a combination of materials informatics and computational methods, in-situ measurements and novel materials processing methods.

Fracture Mechanics (FM Lab, Tiwari)

Our research involves the application of configurational forces in fracture mechanics, crack driving force calculation in polymers, large scale plasticity, creep, creep-fatigue conditions, numerical modelling of materials' mechanical behaviour using finite element analysis. 

We work on Process Metallurgy, Physical and mathematical modelling of steel making processes, Recycling of steel plant’s waste material, Extractive metallurgy (ferrous). 

Design, Research and Engineering of Advanced Materials (DREAMs Lab, Rakha)

We focus on Advanced High Strength Steels (Nano-structured Bainitic Steels, Ultra Low Alloyed Steels, TWIP Steels and Dual Phase Steels), Advanced Characterisation Techniques (Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron Back Scattered Diffraction, Neutron Diffraction and 3D Atom Probe Tomography). 

Advanced Biomaterials and Biomanufacturing Lab (ABBL, Poundarik)

We focus on designing and developing biomaterial systems, processing technologies and implantable medical devices with clinical applications orthopedics, sports medicine and diabetic wound healing . 

Corrosion & Advanced Materials Lab (CAMeL, Kumar)

Our research spans Corrosion, High Temperature Oxidation, Alloys Development, Powder Metallurgy. We look into High Entropy Alloys, Nanocrystalline Materials, Hydrophobic Coatings, Structure-Property Correlation.