Introducing MTech in Materials Engineering @ IIT Ropar

Think of any advance ever made by mankind, and you shall find a strategic material at its core. From iron and steel for the industrial revolution to silicon chips for the semiconductor revolution, materials have made technologies possible. Countries that have invested in materials reseacrh and industries have a strategic control over global technologies.

The MTech program in Materials Engineering aims to develop a well-rounded base for an array of advanced materials - from steels to polymers, from ceramics to materials for electronics and well beyond, the core courses will develop the critical fundamentals in this field.

As a well-rounded materials engineer, you get to select and augment your strength through a series of restricted electives (on materials, offered by the department) as well as an unrestricted elective (to strengthen your repertoire beyond the mother discipline).

The course itself is hands on, with half the emphasis being on the 2nd year MTech project. Depending on interests and availability, the project can even be done in an industrial setting, thereby allowing the student to get a direct exposure of the real world of materials. The program is structured to ensure a balance between classroom teaching, laboratory sessions, self-study and hands-on learning. Whether you wish to opt for industry or academia, this is a program that prepares you thoroughly!

LTPSC stands for the number of hours of Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals, Self-study and Credits.

Restricted Electives are offered by the department and are specific to materials engineering. Unrestricted elective is free-ranging and the students can choose from humanities to other branches of engineering and science or even from Materials Engineering. This is your degree, gain control over it!

Our department brochure can be found here.